Multifunctional water pump control valve

Multifunctional water pump control valve
Multifunctional water pump control valve
Product Description

Waterpump control valve working characteristics;

1.Prevent the effect of water hammer, eliminate the technical integration ofwater hammer, such as slow opening, stopping speed closing, slow closing and soon, so as to prevent the damage of water supply pipeline and pump caused byopen pump, non-hammer and backflow of pump, and the damage of water hammer towater supply pipeline and pump.

2.The operation is convenient, and the other power distribution control system ofthe valve is not required, and the valve can automatically and sequentiallycomplete the control function with the opening and stopping of the water pump.A suitable control parameter can be obtained by setting the opening of theregulating valve.

3,the valve body adopts full channel, direct flow, streamline design. Thehydraulic loss is small and the energy saving effect is good.

Theworking principle of the multifunctional water pump control valve is asfollows: after the water pump is started, the water pressure acts on the lowerpart of the valve disc of the main valve and the lower cavity of the controlchamber, the pressure causes the main valve to open, the water in the uppercavity of the control chamber is slowly discharged to the outlet end throughthe regulating valve b, and the main valve is slowly opened. Setting theopening of the regulating valve to obtain the proper opening speed of the mainvalve. when the water pump stops working, the water pressure of the inlet endis rapidly reduced, a large part of the opening degree is rapidly closed underthe action of the self-weight and the spring pressure, the remaining openingdegree of the reverse flow of water is slowly closed under the combined actionof the water pressure of the upper cavity of the control room and the waterpressure of the lower cavity, and the closing speed is reduced to form abuffer, Prevent pressure surges

Theproduct is used on the water pump outlet pipe of high-rise building watersupply system and other water supply system to prevent and reduce the waterhammer water hammer of the pipeline when the water pump is on and off, toprevent the water from flowing back to the water pump and to maintain thepipeline safety.


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