Multi-function hydraulic control valve

Multi-function hydraulic control valve
Multi-function hydraulic control valve
Product Description

Characteristicsof hydraulic control valve

1.The automatic control and light-load starting pump is affected by the pressureof the control room. When the water pump is started, the main valve is slowlyopened, so that the load of the water pump with excessive flow is controlled,and the water hammer of the open pump is eliminated.

2,the safety and reliability is high, the elimination water hammer device iscompletely linked to the valve opening and closing action, at the same time, ithas three kinds of measures to eliminate the water hammer: quick closing, slowclosing and absorbing three kinds of measures to eliminate the water hammer.

3.The operation control is not required, and when the water pump is startedand stopped, the medium and the pressure difference between the two ends of thevalve are used as the driving medium and the control power, so that the valvecan automatically operate according to the operating procedures of the waterpump.

4.No professional debugging is required, the operation of the valve is notaffected by the level difference of the liquid level and the change of thewater outlet pressure and the flow of the water pump, and the application rangeis wide.

5.The energy saving effect is remarkable, the weight of the diaphragm and valveplate is supported by the pressure at the inlet end, and the resistance loss issmall.

6.The maintenance is convenient, the life is long, and this valve basically doesnot need to repair. When special circumstances, upper cover, film seat, stem,valve plate can be taken out, easy to repair and replace rubber seal ring, o -ring and other vulnerable parts.

the multifunctional hydraulic control valve is mainlyinstalled in the water supply and drainage, building, petroleum, chemical, gas,natural gas, food, medicine, power station, nuclear power and other fields ofwater taking, water supply, clean water, sewage, pump house and petrochemicalfluid conveying system, The outlet or other piping system connected to the pumpis used as the control

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